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Clik Elite Traveler

As readers of my past reviews know, I have an obsession with camera bags. I’m always on the lookout for a new bag that will offer the optimum combination of style, comfort, convenience, and storage capacity. And while it might be impossible to find a single bag that’s perfect for every occasion, I welcome the discovery of a great new addition to my collection, the Clik Elite Traveler.

Clik Elite Traveler

Small but mighty (Exterior Dimensions: 11.8″H x 8.6″W x 5.1″D), the Clik bag weighs just under a pound but provides enough carrying capacity for two small camera bodies plus extra lenses (11″H x 8.1″W x 1″D). It fit both my M9 and M6 with lenses attached as well as two additional lenses in the main compartment. By adding a couple of Velcro dividers from other bags I own, I was even able to squeeze in two more lenses.

Clik Elite Traveler

The Clik derives its name from the magnetic fasteners that automatically snap its outer flap shut whenever you close it. This feature gives you easy access to the sleeve underneath the flap, which is designed to accommodate an iPad or other tablet computing device. A zippered pouch on the front of the bag gave me a place to stash my iPhone, while other pockets permitted me to store such miscellaneous items as an ND filter, an SD card case, a couple canisters of film, a few pens, and a pile of business cards. One nylon ring on each side stores a tripod or attach a lens pouch or water bottle holder. Stylish but not attention-getting, the Elite Traveler is available in black, blue sapphire, gray, and trillium.

Clik Elite Traveler

By unzipping around the edge of the bag rather than providing a lid on top like some camera bags, the Elite Traveler does require you to lay it flat in order to safely access the main compartment, which might make it less convenient for photographers who just want to grab a lens from the bag while it’s on their side. On the whole, though, the Clik Elite Traveler is a handy way to pack your essentials and would make a great option for shutterbugs who want to travel light during a short vacation or an afternoon of on-the-fly street photography.

Clik Elite Traveler

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  12 Responses to “Clik Elite Traveler Shoulder Bag Review”

  1. How comfortable is the provided shoulder strap?

    • The shoulder strap is a little thin, but surprisingly comfortable. I had it loaded just over 8 pounds tonight and it’s very well balanced on the shoulder and after a little while you don’t really notice it.

  2. Todd,

    What color is the bag you reviewed? I understand that it’s more of a kahki green with a small anount of grey. I sort of like the blue sapphire.

  3. The most important thing to remember is that this bag comes with all the equipment seen in the photos!

    Of course I am joking, but I will getting one of these guys soon. Thanks for the write up.

  4. i need to buy this bag

  5. I really like your last camera bags reviews, It was really wonderful. And Shoulder Bag is always conferrable for traveling. I think this bag really look very Stylish and it has attractive features like comfort, convenience, and storage capacity.

  6. I was looking at buying this bag until I realized that it seems that you can’t really access your camera while you have the bag across your shoulder, as you indicated in your review. Seems like a huge design flaw–after all, who wants to stop and lay down and unzip the bag every time you want to get the camera out to take some photos. Otherwise it seems like it might be a perfect small bag for day trips.

    Too bad.

    • David, it is inconvenient to have to lay the bag down to remove your camera or change lenses. However I usually carry my camera along with the bag so it’s not a big deal. It is nice that people don’t think it’s a camera bag since I usually have a lot of expensive gear with me while traveling.

      • Thanks Todd. I guess it’s whatever you’re needing that determines how good the bag will be. I have an older Eagle Creek Scout bag, which is a small shoulder bag which doubles as a camera bag. It is small, but large enough for my Panasonic m4/3 camera and 3 extra lenses, plus lots of other stuff like cards, filters, batteries, etc. It is pretty inconspicuous, so serves me well. Too bad they don’t make the darn things anymore, and I bought two of the last ones available.


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