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I haven’t used sling bags since I first started photography about ten years ago. I always liked the idea of being able to swing the bag around easily to access the bag, but every sling bag I tried never sat right, it always seemed like it was going to fall off.

A few months ago at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, I stopped by the Think Tank/MindShift booth and heard some details about this new PhotoCross so I was excited to give it a try. I picked the PhotoCross 10 which is only 11” x 15.9” x 6.3” and holds a small tablet, along with a camera and a couple lenses, plus accessories. The PhotoCross 13 is larger at 12.6” x 17.7” x 7.1” and holds a small laptop.


As with all other MindShift bags, the build quality is top notch, the material is tough and semi water resistant, very nice seams and zippers, and includes a rain covera and tripod mounting straps. The accessory pocket is quite large, enough to carry all of your extra small gear. There’s also a water bottle pocket on one side, top and side carry handles, and a breathable back panel to help keep you cool.


I planned the perfect road trip to try out the PhotoCross 10, four days driving around the desert in California and Arizona, with a visit to Mexico. I packed my Canon M5 with the 10-18mm lens, Rode VideoMicro and handle grip, along with the DJI Spark, extra batteries, memory cards, filters, sound recorder, lav mic, and other small accessories.


The main reason I was interested in using this bag was my time in Mexico, I parked at the border near Yuma, AZ and walked across to Los Algodones. I brought my Canon M5 setup to take some video of the town, left the drone in the car. But it was nice to have something small and compact on my back that doesn’t stand out like a huge camera backpack. I also wasn’t too sure how safe it would be to walk around Los Algodones with a camera, so being able to put it away quickly and easily was a big plus.

As I guessed, some of the locals weren’t too thrilled at me filming in town, so I took off my Rode VideoMicro to not look too conspicuous. After I got enough footage I put the camera away and just walked around sightseeing and grabbed some tacos. The bag was so light and small, I didn’t even notice I had it on after a while. It was a great choice for this part of the trip, I was very happy that I had it with me.

The rest of the trip I pretty much just had the bag in the back of the car, along with my duffel bag for clothing. But it was easy to throw on when I arrived at the hotels, carried all the gear I needed very well. I really like the size, if I don’t need multiple cameras it will be my go to bag, plus it even holds the Spark as well, very nice!

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  3 Responses to “MindShift Gear PhotoCross 10 Sling Bag Review”

  1. This or the bigger 13 is my dream bag for my a7 setup. I will probably use my ThinkTank Harddrive for the bigger canon gear and long white glass, but for A7 it looks just perfect! STILL not available here in Norway so wont be able to use it this summer, but next year. The ThinkTank slings also look ok, but no place to put a waterbottle kinda kills it for my use. Great review

    • Thanks Jostein, I agree with the water bottle holder, that’s a definite necessity. If you’re only taking the A7 and 1 or 2 smaller lenses the 10 should work, unless you need to carry a laptop too. I was able to fit the Canon M5 with the Rode mic and handle, so that’s tall rig and it fit in the 10 with the DJI Spark next to where the handle goes.

      • I some times bring my iPad for edits on the fly when things need to go to a news media fast but never a laptop. Usually only have my 35mm lens on the camera. A bit of space to jam a light jacket, a snack and maybe hat and gloves in winter.

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