Dec 142016

I’m pretty disappointed with the GoPro Hero 5 audio, it’s just not usable, a huge downgrade from the Hero 4.

Since I’m always looking for solutions to problems, I ordered the GoPro USB-C to 3.5mm adapter for $40 + tax (with the GoPro Plus 20% off), the PULUZ aluminum housing $32.99 (make sure you get the one with the big opening for the usb door), and I already had the Rode VideoMicro ($59) and Gorillapod.

The sound is much better, but it kind of sounds just like the Hero 4 with no accessories or special settings, the Hero 4 just works. I really don’t know what GoPro was thinking, I’m really hoping they’ll come up with a magic firmware update that will make it all better.

Link to items
PULUZ Housing Shell CNC Aluminum Alloy Protective Cage with Insurance Frame & 52mm UV Lens for GoPro HERO5(Black)

GoPro Hero 5

GoPro 3.5 to USB-C adapter

Rode VideoMicro

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