Dec 072016

After my trip to Tokyo last month, I found that I didn’t use my Canon XC15 much, so I was going to go even smaller for my 3 week trip to South East Asia. Since the GoPro Seeker has a mount on one strap that’s perfect for the Karma Grip, I figured I’d give it a try, even though it’s only a 16 liter bag.

Over the years I’ve been traveling lighter and lighter, minimalist travel is so much easier than rolling bags and big backpacks. I’ve switched to strictly quick dry clothing, so I’m able to travel as long as I want with a small bag.

My favorite quick dry clothing: Uniqlo rain jacket and sleep shirt, Columbia shirts, Mountain Gear shirt, Ex Officio boxers, Hurley Dri Fit pants, Nike Dri Fit socks, Nike Dri Fit shorts, Lems minimalist boots.

I was also able to fit the GoPro Hero 5 with Karma Grip, Zoom Q2N with Gorillapod, Macbook 12″, external hard drive, GoPro Supercharger and battery charger, various cables, ac adapter, usb-c card reader, Advil, earplugs, toothpaste, toothbrush, umbrella, extra memory cards and batteries.

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