Dec 062016

After being so disappointed with the GoPro Hero 5 audio on my Tokyo trip, I purchased the brand new Zoom Q2N which is made for musicians to record themselves. I saw a few reviews about it and thee musicians seemed to like it, other than a strange rainbow that shows up in the center of the frame in certain light. I’m hoping this can be corrected when the hood is released, or I may try to make my own.

The Q2N has no stabilization, and the mic is very sensitive so using it while moving around is not an option, so it’s very different than the GoPro Hero 5 on the Karma Grip. It seems like it would be great for making videos at home, set it on a tripod and just hit record. I’m going to try it on my next food video, I’m curious to see how much ambient sound it picks up. I’m pretty confident it will sound much better than the Hero 5, but it might just pick up too much of the other people’s voices.

My next test will be adding the extremely expensive USB-C to 3.5mm GoPro adapter with the Rode Videomicro, along with a Chinese aluminum GoPro Hero 5 housing with a cold shoe. It’s going to add a lot of bulk to the setup, but I’ll put it on a small Gorillapod and see how it is as a vlogging camera.

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