Dec 062016

Just got the Karma Grip today, I was very excited to get it since I sold my Evo Pro gimbal, I had issues with audio feedback and damage to the Hero 5 when the gimbal turns off and bangs the edges.

My friend Steve Huff said he was having audio issues with the Hero 5 mounted to the Karma Grip, giving him a muffled sound. He then found a GoPro forum post about muffled sound with the usb door open, which it has to be to plug into the Karma Grip.

Here’s the post

A few days ago I used the Hero 5 with the Frame on a Gorillapod at dinner, didn’t have time to import the video until today and I found that the sound was horrible! I had the door off since I didn’t think it mattered, it was easier to charge with the usb-c cable than to take it out of the Frame and remove the battery. But the sound was so muffled, very bad, pretty much unusable.

I then did several tests with different audio settings, a naked Hero 5, in the Frame and in the Karma Grip. With the naked Hero 5 with the door on, it sounded the best. The sound degraded with the door off, then got worse with the Frame, and the Karma Grip.

Here’s Steve Huff’s comparison of the GoPro Karma Grip with GoPro 5 Black & with EVO and GoPro 4

Check out my comparison of the new Zoom Q2N and GoPro Hero 5

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