Nov 042016

The MindShift Gear TrailScape 18L is a brand new midsize camera backpack with some space for a jacket and others essentials. There’s also separate compartments for a 13″ laptop and 10″ tablet, making it a perfect bag for a short trip or all day hike. With exterior dimensions of 9.8” W x 18.1” H x 7.1” D, it’s one of the more compact backpacks in the MindShift lineup.

There’s a convenient outer pocket which I like for airplane travel, my Bose earbuds and passport fit perfectly for easy access. A tripod or water bottle can fit on one side, as well as another water bottle on the other.

The main compartment measures 9.4” W x 17.3” H x 4.8” D with plenty of dividers to fit two camera bodies and several lenses along with other accessories. I modified the interior to also fit clothing for my 7 night trip to Tokyo since this will be my only bag that I will bring. I believe in traveling light and quick dry clothing so I can bring just a few days of clothes to save space and weight, I just have to wash and hang dry everything which isn’t too much trouble.

You wouldn’t think a camera bag this size could be used for a 7 night international trip all by itself, but with some strategic packing I was able to fit everything I needed in one backpack since I have a small connecting flight which won’t even fit a 19″ roller bag as a carry-on. Here’s a list: Canon XC15 Cine Camera with Rode Videomic Pro, Macbook 12″, GoPro Hero 5 Black with Evo Pro Gimbal, extension handle for gimbal, Gorilla pod, grip for Canon, 2 Zoom H1 audio recorders and lav mics, foldable backpack to carry while sightseeing instead of the TrailScape, super compact umbrella, led light, chargers and extra batteries, 6″ cables (saves a little space and weight from the 1m cables), Bose earbuds, sd and micro sd cards, variable ND filter, mini portable battery charger, usb-c adapters, SD, micro SD and CFast card readers, toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, advil and other various meds, pen, business cards, passport, 2 Columbia quick dry shirts, 2 Uniqlo quick dry shirts for sleeping, 2 boxers, sleeping shorts, Hurley Dri Fit pants, 2 pairs Dri Fit socks.

Overall the MindShift Gear TrailScape 18L is a nice smaller bag that fits a lot of gear, or gear and clothing. It has the same high quality build as the rest of the MindShift backpacks and many of the same features as the larger bags.

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