Aug 312016
GP 2 Kit Case

MindShift Gear’s MindShift GP Series is a complete storage solution for your GoPro action cameras and accessories. Typical camera bags and backpacks sometimes just don’t work for carrying all of my GoPro gear. The cameras fit well in the dividers where lenses usually go, but all of the accessories just don’t fit well in the small pockets of the bags, or loose in the main divider compartment.

GP 2 Kit Case

GP 2 Kit Case – 6.7” W x 2.6” H x 3.7” D

I can fit two GoPro cameras, most of my attachments, chargers, extra batteries in the GP Bundle Medium which includes the GP 2 Kit Case, GP Cables & Power, GP Mounts, and GP 2 Batteries & Cards.

GP Cables & Power

GP Cables & Power – 6.7” W x 3.7” H x 1.4 D

If I’m taking my large Think Tank Airport Roller with the Canon C100 and Sony A7rII systems, I’ll put the GoPro cameras in the GP2 Kit Case, and use some of the accessory pouches for the rest of the GoPro gear. Then I can store all of these bags in the outer compartment of the Airport bag.

GP Mounts - Medium

GP Mounts – Medium – 7.1” W x 7.1” H x 1.2” D

I like the convenience of the clear windows so it’s quick and easy to find what you need instead of digging through a pouch or dumping everything out. The sizes are perfect, not too big, but will hold what I need for most shoots. The quality is just like all other MindShift Gear products, very well made, great attention to detail.

GP 2 Batteries & Cards

GP 2 Batteries & Cards – 4.3” W x 0.8” H x 2.4” D

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