Apr 132015
Think Tank Photo Airport Helipak Review

In a very short space of time, drones have gone from being the secret weapons of spy agencies and the military to the hot new plaything of the weekend warrior. Now, photographers everywhere are using compact, radio-controlled quadcopters like those of the popular DJI Phantom Series to take spectacular aerial videos. However, a quadcopter is [...]

Mar 302015
Think Tank Photo Urban Approach 15 Mirrorless Backpack Review

Given the increasing popularity of smaller, mirrorless cameras, it’s been surprising and often frustrating how difficult it is to find bags customized for them. Fortunately, the forward-thinking minds at Think Tank Photo have given us the new Urban Approach 15, a mirrorless camera backpack with all the security, versatility, and convenience of a top-notch DSLR [...]

Feb 272015
MIU COLOR Packable Handy Lightweight Nylon Backpack Review

Sometimes, even a dedicated nature photographer like me just wants to stop and smell the roses…without taking pictures of them. In that spirit, MIU COLOR claims its company promotes the “slow life,” a more relaxed, eco-friendly, unhurried existence. Among the wide range of products they offer through their worldwide distribution system, the new MIU COLOR [...]

Dec 082014
Announcing Simple Photo Tours - Our New Landscape Photography Tour Company

Simple Photo Tours is a Southern California-based company founded by two photographers who want to share their love of photography and travel with others through fun, well-planned photo excursions to exciting, picturesque destinations. Todd Hatakeyama, the CEO of Simple Studio Group, Inc., is a former studio and wedding photographer whose product knowledge, business acumen, and [...]

Nov 252014
Think Tank Photo CityWalker 10 Shoulder Bag Review

Longtime readers of this blog will know how much I’ve admired Think Tank’s diverse product lines. With its new CityWalker 10 Shoulder Bag, the Think Tank brain trust provides a great new “in-between” option to its trusty Retrospective bags. As its name implies, the CityWalker 10 gives the on-the-go urban photographer room for enough gear [...]

Oct 292014
Mindshift Gear rotation180° Trail Backpack Review

With its rotation180° Panorama camera backpack, Mindshift Gear debuted a truly innovative two-bags-in-one design that solved the perennial dilemma of the hiking photographer: how to access your camera gear without removing your backpack? The Panorama offered you the best advantages of both types of bags, giving you the large storage capacity of a backpack for [...]