Dec 182013
Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 30i Review

While it’s difficult to settle on any single bag that’s a picture-perfect fit for all my photography needs, I’ve found Think Tank Photo bags a consistent and dependable choice for high-quality, well-designed products. As a longtime SLR guy, I only recently stepped into the realm of mirrorless cameras, and so I was eager to try [...]

Oct 292013
THE EVOLUTION OF TRAVELING LIGHT:  A Few Tips That I’ve Learned the Hard Way

Even before I started working as a photographer, I fell in love with photography by taking pictures on vacation. After several years of venturing to many parts of the globe, I’ve found that arguably the biggest challenge of travel photography is the travel itself. By trial and error, I’ve developed some handy strategies to make [...]

Oct 232013
Clik Elite Schulter Shoulder Bag Review

As I mentioned in my review of Clik Elite’s Pro Express Backpack, a good shoulder bag will usually hold enough gear for me to do a day’s shooting. But sometimes I want to travel lighter than others, so I like to have a range of shoulder bags with a size to suit every occasion. Clik [...]

Sep 242013
HOT SHOTS:  Landscape Photography in the Great Deserts of the American Southwest

Although I’ve truly enjoyed dabbling in street photography, as I did most recently with Eric Kim and Charlie Kirk in Istanbul, my first love will always be landscape and travel photography. Thus, when my friend and colleague Jay Bartlett and a couple of like-minded photographer buddies expressed interest in going on a photography road trip, [...]

Sep 192013
Clik Elite Pro Express Backpack Review

For a single afternoon of shooting, all I need is a good shoulder bag like the Clik Elite Traveler, which is big enough to hold two camera bodies and four lenses. But for four whole days of shooting some of the most breathtaking vistas in the Pacific Northwest, I knew I’d have to take more [...]

Sep 162013
LET'S TALK TURKEY:  Shooting Street in Istanbul with Eric Kim and Charlie Kirk

Having already attended Eric Kim Street Photography workshops in Hollywood, San Diego, Los Angeles and Tokyo, I’ve now shown I will journey even farther to hang out with this street photographer extraordinaire. This time, I went almost exactly halfway around the globe to the legendary city of Istanbul. The heart of the former Ottoman Empire, [...]

Sep 162013
Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 Review

In recent years, photographers who don’t want to lug around a heftier DSLR have frequently opted for lighter, more compact mirrorless cameras instead. But the smaller body of an Olympus OM-D or Fuji X series camera can tend to slide around inside the large compartments of a typical camera bag, so the brain trust at [...]